Meet the BYTE team!

Shelby Maunder

Executive Director

“I am passionate about empowering youth because they have so much to offer! When you provide them with a space to be heard, you learn so much from them – it gives me a lot of confidence and hope for the future.”

This is our fearless leader Shelby! As BYTE’s Executive Director, Shelby is constantly striving to elevate the quality and further the reach of BYTE’s mission to empower youth. She brings extensive experience from her prior roles with Big Brothers & Big Sisters and the Boys & Girls Club of Yukon, as well as other youth-focused organizations across Canada. Before moving up north, Shelby studied International Studies and Modern Languages at the University of Ottawa, and later received her certificate in International Development from Toronto’s Humber College. When she’s not keeping BYTE afloat or organizing themed open-mics in town, Shelby loves to hike, bike, and cuddle with her dog, Piti!

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Zoe Bordeleau-Cass

Community Outreach Manager

“I am passionate about empowering youth because youth bring incredible passion and energy when they are given the space to explore their strengths together.”

Three cheers for Zoe, our newest Community Outreach Manager! She is responsible for keeping close ties with youth across the North and working to bring our workshops to their communities. Zoe was born in Montreal and grew up in Ottawa, but lately has considered Halifax her home base! Having studied Health Promotion at Dalhousie University, she most recently worked at Shelter Nova Scotia. There she was involved in coordinating a Canadian Roots Exchange focused on reconciliation and building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth. When she’s not unwinding on leisurely bike rides, Zoe can be found at potlucks and knitting up a storm.

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Hana Val

Community Outreach Coordinator

“I am passionate about empowering youth because they are our future, and there is so much potential in all of them. Their voices should be loud and proud, and I believe they can create real change if only they have the tools to do so.”

Say howdy to Hana! BYTE’s newest Community Outreach Coordinator, Hana spends her days helping to create BYTE programming and facilitating community workshops. Born in Prince Rupert, Hana was adopted and lived in the Northwest Territories for 6 years before moving to Whitehorse in 2000. She most recently comes to us from Peterborough, Ontario where she took International Development and Indigenous Studies at Trent University. When she’s not spending time on Haida Gwaii or absolutely smashing her New Year’s resolutions, she’s belting Adele in her car and planning her next travel adventure.

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Tayo Adamek

Community Outreach Coordinator

“I am passionate about empowering youth because I sometimes feel the voice of the youth is overlooked, but they are the ones best positioned to advocate for their needs.”

Here is Tayo! As a Community Outreach Coordinator, Tayo liaises with communities around the Yukon to ensure BYTE programming reaches youth all over the territory, and will often be on the frontlines himself facilitating workshops. Though he was born in Ontario, Tayo has lived in the Yukon since he was seven and considers the North home! He received his Bachelor’s of Sociology from the University of Victoria and most recently worked as a program facilitator at Second Opinion Society, a mental health advocacy group. When he’s not reading dystopian fiction or working towards his Master’s of Counselling Psychology, Tayo enjoys chatting politics, playing soccer, and beating Halo 3 in one day.

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Emily Turner-Davis

Marketing and Communications STEP Student

“I am passionate about empowering youth because I grew up here. I remember what was great about it and what it lacked. It is essential that young people know they’re capable and have every option available to them, because they’ll shape our future.”

This is Emily! As the STEP student focused on Communications and Marketing, Emily will be revamping BYTE’s approach to marketing and social media and will develop a comprehensive communications strategy for BYTE to further our reach and capacity to support youth throughout the North! Emily has had the “full Northern experience” – she was born in Iqaluit, moved to Yellowknife as a toddler and has lived in Whitehorse since she was five. She most recently worked as a certified esthetician/makeup artist before transitioning back to school, where she just finished her first year in Communications at Vancouver’s Capilano University. When she’s not watching Netflix or upkeeping an impressive Instagram account, Emily can be found devouring popcorn, going for nighttime highway drives with friends, and “sometimes looking at nature, but only from the inside of a car or a house or something.”

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Board of Directors

BYTE is privileged to have a diverse and experienced Board of Directors, who provide valuable guidance to the organization. It includes experienced youth-workers, professionals and young people from the Whitehorse community.

Our 2017-18 Board members are:

  • Pavlina Sudrich – co-chair
  • Shea Newnham – co-chair
  • Amos Westropp – treasurer
  • Kara Johancsik – secretary
  • Lindsay Raftis
  • Doronn Fox
  • Carly Rudolph
  • Adria Collins
  • Dwayne Latham
  • Dave Blottner