IMG_0163Today is a bit of a sad day at BYTE.


We’re saying goodbye to Scott Carlson, our phenomenal Whitehorse Outreach Coordinator. Scott will be moving to a new position coordinating a project that focuses on engaging Yukon men in ending violence against women. It’s an issue he’s passionate about and we know he’s going to make a deep impact on the territory.


Nevertheless when a co-worker leaves it’s always a bit of a shock. They’re the people you spend the majority of your day with.  You drink coffee with them and brainstorm with them and eat lunch with them and carpool with them and crank the music and flail wildly during a mid-morning dance party with them. For those who don’t know Scott, he is someone who knows how to get down.


During his time here Scott not only acted as an amazing youth facilitator, but organized events like this year’s Battle of the Bands (which received rave reviews) and led the MOVE! program, an anti-violence training series that gives youth the skills and confidence to address violence amongst their peers.


So, goodbye, and good luck Scott.  You will be greatly missed.


And goodbye Watson (Scott’s well-meaning yet slightly crazy dog who spends the day pacing the BYTE office).


Check out Scott’s epic dance moves in this video:



Some of our favourite moments with Scott:

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