MOVE! Youth Ending Violence is an award-winning workshop series specifically designed to address the topic of violence by providing youth with ways to prevent and mitigate violence in their communities.

In January 2013, the Women’s Directorate asked us to help deliver a youth program they developed that focused on ending violence against women and girls. BYTE used this content to deliver an intensive five-week workshop series to a group of youth who were engaged in social justice efforts. A big part of the program was combating gender stereotypes and developing critical media literacy. We asked youth to develop a multi-media project with the goal of reducing violence, and they came up with this powerful anti-bullying video:

After a successful first session, the program continued to evolve throughout the year. In November 2013 we ran another MOVE! session in Whitehorse with a new group of  youth. This time, we targeted youth who were more likely to have seen or experienced violence in their own lives. This session took place twice a week over three weeks, and incorporated everything from gender stereotyping and anti-bullying to physical violence and bystander intervention.


In December 2013, Watson Lake requested that we bring MOVE! to their community, and we spent three days delivering our anti-violence content to a group of youth at the high school. During this session, MOVE! focused more on bystander intervention and oppression and anti-oppression. Our content received great feedback from the youth in Watson Lake. One participant told us that the most important thing they learned in the workshop was standing up for gay marriage. Another told us “the violence workshop really helped with my life situation”.


The Yukon, like the other Canadian territories, has a much higher rate of violence ”particularly sexualized violence” than elsewhere in Canada. Our goal with MOVE! is to give youth the tools they need to avoid becoming the victims or instigators of violence.


Thanks to funding from United Way and the Crime Prevention Fund, BYTE hosted MOVE! again in 2014-2015. Angela worked with Whitehorse youth for three and a half weeks for the MOVE! program in November and December 2014, and delivered the program in Haines Junction in February 2015. You can read more about our first session of MOVE! here, our November 2013 session here, and our Watson Lake MOVE! programming here. Learn more about Angela’s winter 2014-2015 MOVE! sessions here.

Thank you to United Way Yukon for their generous support of MOVE! in 2013 – 2015.

Thank you to CIBC for their generous support of MOVE! in 2015-2017. cibc-logo-en-154x70

With continued generosity from CIBC and United Way Yukon we’ve been able to offer MOVE! in several communities more recently as well! In 2015-2016 we were able to bring the program to Mayo and Atlin, B.C. and in 2016-2017 we were able to bring MOVE! as far as Dease Lake, B.C. In 2017, we took the workshop on the road again to Inuvik from September 25-29 and back to Whitehorse from October 27-29th.