After a busy three weeks of MOVE! Youth Helping Youth End Violence workshops in Whitehorse, Whitehorse Outreach Coordinator Allison Furniss packed up and brought her workshop to Watson Lake. For three days, Allison and co-facilitator Elias Park talked leadership, oppression and anti-oppression, gender stereotyping, interpersonal violence, and bystander intervention for a few hours in the afternoon with a group of six youth from the Watson Lake Secondary School.


Both the facilitators and the youth saw the program as a success: according to Allison, the participants were an outstanding group of youth who were actively engaged and genuinely interested in the topics. MOVE! covers some heavy and difficult concepts, but our group of Watson Lake youth stayed interested and engaged the whole time.


“The gender stereotyping section really seemed to hit home with them,” says Allison.


Her suspicion seems to be correct: one youth told us that the most valuable thing they learned in the workshop was “standing up for gay marriage.” Another told us that “the violence workshop really helped with my life situations.”


We’re excited to call another session of MOVE! a success, and can’t wait to refine and expand this program for next year. Congratulations Allison and Elias, and thank you to all the Watson Lake participants who came out!


Thank you to United Way Yukon for their support in this project!