What is BYTE?

BYTE is a ‘by youth, for youth’ organization that focuses on empowering and promoting youth throughout the Yukon and Canada’s north.  Our facilitation team travels to communities throughout the Yukon and to some areas of Northern BC and NWT to deliver innovative and relevant workshops to northern youth. We also host events and conferences in Whitehorse that foster creativity and culture. Everything we do is about helping youth to develop confidence, skills, openness, and a sense of belonging.

Our Mission: To unlock potential through youth empowerment.

Our Vision: Northern youth have developed their strengths and skills to lead happy, healthy, and meaningful lives. Youth are heard and respected in the community.

Our Values: 

1. BYTE is for youth, by youth 
2. We believe in youth empowerment 
3. We believe in championing youth voices
4. Everything we do must be relevant to youth 
5. We are inclusive. Social equity is important to us 
6. We are northern. We focus on the Yukon and the north
7. We are innovative and believe in constant learning 
8. We use a strength-based approach, focusing on the strengths of our organization, our staff, our volunteers and those of the youth we serve
9. We believe in transparent operations and transparent decision-making 
10. We practice financial and environmental sustainability

Our Office

Our office here in Whitehorse is our headquarters for planning and implementing our programming. We also use our space for:

  • Book lending library
  • Resource services
  • Youth meeting space
  • Weekly NA/AA  meetings

Current Projects

One of the things that BYTE does best is develop programs and projects created by youth:

Youth Events and Services