Meet the BYTE team!

Shelby Maunder

Executive Director

“I am passionate about empowering youth because they have so much to offer! When you provide them with a space to be heard, you learn so much from them – it gives me a lot of confidence and hope for the future.”

This is our fearless leader Shelby! As BYTE’s Executive Director, Shelby is constantly striving to elevate the quality and further the reach of BYTE’s mission to empower youth. She brings extensive experience from her prior roles with Big Brothers & Big Sisters and the Boys & Girls Club of Yukon, as well as other youth-focused organizations across Canada. Before moving up north, Shelby studied International Studies and Modern Languages at the University of Ottawa, and later received her certificate in International Development from Toronto’s Humber College. When she’s not keeping BYTE afloat or organizing themed open-mics in town, Shelby loves to hike, bike, and cuddle with her dog, Piti!

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Lindsey Doehle

Community Outreach Manager

“I am passionate about empowering youth because our future depends on it. I believe youth have the creativity and drive to lead us towards a more just and sustainable tomorrow.”

Hey look, it’s Lindsey! Lindsey is a Community Outreach Manager, responsible for forging strong relationships with youth across the North and bringing workshops to their communities. Lindsey was born in the Yukon and lived here until she was 10; she has since lived in Montreal, the Northwest Territories, China, and the Okanagan. Most recently, Lindsey finished her degree in Justice Studies at Royal Roads University in Victoria while running youth leadership programs in schools and camps around Vancouver Island. When not climbing rocks or winning epic scholarships to attend United World Colleges, Lindsey loves to sing (with groups) and learn more about social issues in her community.

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Christopher Tse

Community Outreach Manager

“I am passionate about empowering youth because youth have been and will continue to be at the forefront of every social movement in history.”

This is Chris! As a BYTE Community Outreach Manager, Chris’ main gig involves facilitating workshops, developing new youth-centred programming, and sharing stories about BYTE’s impact with as wide an audience as possible. After majoring in journalism at Carleton University, the BC native worked as a human rights reporter in Ghana before moving to Toronto, where he’s spent the last five years as a facilitator and speaker with Free The Children/Me to We. When he’s not purging his closet or competing in poetry slams, Chris is passionate about basketball, social justice, and making pretty mediocre music.

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Alexie Merk

LIT Conference Coordinator

“I am passionate about empowering youth because I have seen the positive outcomes when youth become the change agents in their own lives.”

Say hi to Alexie! She’s our LIT Conference Coordinator, responsible for planning and executing BYTE’s 5th annual Leaders In Training Conference happening March 10-12, 2017! Alexie spends her time organizing conference logistics, brainstorming awesome programming, and inviting youth leaders from across Yukon and Northern BC to attend LIT! Originally from Elliot Lake, Ontario, Alexie received her degree in Education with a concentration in Geography and French from Nipissing University in North Bay, and moved to Whitehorse three years ago to teach French at Porter Creek Secondary School. When she’s not carving her own stamps or river guiding with ALIVE Outdoors, Alexie can be found crafting up a storm, organizing various Amazing Races, and “hanging with the homies.”

Get in touch with Alexie at (yes, her email is actually ‘lit’ at – how dope is that.) 

Tayo Adamek

Community Outreach Coordinator

“I am passionate about empowering youth because I sometimes feel the voice of the youth is overlooked, but they are the ones best positioned to advocate for their needs.”

Here is Tayo! As a Community Outreach Coordinator, Tayo liaises with communities around the Yukon to ensure BYTE programming reaches youth all over the territory, and will often be on the frontlines himself facilitating workshops. Though he was born in Ontario, Tayo has lived in the Yukon since he was seven and considers the North home! He received his Bachelor’s of Sociology from the University of Victoria and most recently worked as a program facilitator at Second Opinion Society, a mental health advocacy group. When he’s not reading dystopian fiction or working towards his Master’s of Counselling Psychology, Tayo enjoys chatting politics, playing soccer, and beating Halo 3 in one day.

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Oliver "Winky" Sudrich

Office Dog 1/3

“Woof woof woof woof, youth empowerment, woof-woof, woof! Woof woof, woof, woof-woof, woof.”

Oliver is a West Highland terrier and the elder statesman of the office dog trio, which also includes Suki, a Boston Terrier of mellow temperament, and Wapiti, a large-sized Yukon Special. When not playing with rubber chickens and ingesting large but survivable amounts of rat poison, he enjoys following his friends into the bush and sunbathing on the office couch.

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Board of Directors

BYTE is privileged to have a diverse and experienced Board of Directors, who provide valuable guidance to the organization. It includes experienced youth-workers, professionals and young people from the Whitehorse community.

Our 2016-17 Board members are:

  • Amos Westropp
  • Felicia Bailey-Cashin
  • Shea Newnham
  • Kara Johancsik
  • Adria Collins
  • Lindsay Raftis
  • Dwayne Latham
  • Dave Blottner
  • Conrad Gryba
  • Doronn Fox

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