Meet the BYTE team!

Josi Leideritz

Executive Director

“I am passionate about empowering youth because they have the opportunity to change the world when given spaces where their opinions will be heard and they can encourage and support each other.”

As the Executive Director, Josi is excited to support BYTE’s community outreach team and project managers in providing Northern youth with safe spaces to explore their full potential and to lead and grow alongside each other. In her free time, Josi is always looking for the next hobby she can try, cuddling her cat or enjoying the Yukon’s many trails.

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Casey Albert

Program Director

I am passionate about empowering youth because so many adults have impacted my life and I am simply returning the favour for the next generation. Youth also have the power to keep our minds open to new ideas and ways, which keeps us wanting to improve.

As the Program Director, Casey overlooks certain projects as well as Southern Lakes region outreach. She values teamwork and empowerment and brings enthusiasm everywhere she goes. Casey was born and raised in Quebec City, but she now calls Whitehorse her home since summer of 2019. When Casey is not working, she practices her Yogi moves and hangs out with her dog Benji.

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Carissa Waugh – Ékè Éwe

Community Outreach Coordinator

“I am passionate about empowering youth because they are our future. Given the right tools, confidence, platform they can find their voice and make a huge difference in the world. I can’t remember where this quote came from but it is my favourite, ‘be the person you needed when you were younger.'”

Carissa Waugh is the Community Outreach Coordinator with BYTE. Carissa’s Northern Tutchone name is Ékè Éwe, she is Taku River Tlingit First Nation on her mom’s side, and Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation/Kwanlin Dun First Nation on her dad’s side, belonging to the crow clan. She will be designing and facilitating workshops throughout the Yukon. Carissa will be handling outreach in Atlin, Carcross, Dawson City, Mayo and Old Crow. When Carissa is not working, she is either working on a beading project, or she is in her greenhouse working on growing vegetables and fruit. Carissa is also a part of the Yukon First Nation Climate Action Fellowship led by AFN Yukon Region, CYFN, Youth Climate Lab and the YFN Climate Action Steering Committee.

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Abbey Gartner

Communications & Program Coordinator

“I am passionate about empowering youth because they bring life into their communities. Young people offer a unique perspective and deserve to have their voices heard at every table.'”

As the Communications & Program Coordinator, Abbey handles outreach in Haines Junction, Carmacks, Faro and Ross River, plans most of our events such as the annual Skate Comp and Battle of the Bands, and manages programs such as promoting the #RisingYouth community service grants. Abbey is also one of thirteen Network Reps for, a national charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health. Abbey was born and raised in Whitehorse and has called it home for her 23 years. In her spare time, you can find her sharing memes with our team, walking the Millennium Trail with her mom, or jamming to 70’s bops.

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Emily Ross

Youth Panel on Climate Change Coordinator

“I am passionate about empowering youth because they are change-makers and peace-bringers, and the future is brighter when they are believed in.”

As Yukon Youth Panel on Climate Change Coordinator, Emily supports the youth panelists that are working to deliver recommendations to the Yukon Government on climate action and policy. Emily is a settler born and raised in Whitehorse, and a full time student at the University of Victoria. When she’s not working on the climate panel you can find her teaching music, reading, or wandering through the forest.

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Vanessa Oliviero

Youth That Lead Coordinator

“I’m passionate about empowering youth because I don’t believe they are the leaders of tomorrow but instead they are leaders of today. Youth are powerful, they have a unique perspective and they are so vital for every community to thrive.”

Vanessa is the Project Coordinator for Youth That Lead. She works with a team of youth across the territory to learn about mental health and wellness from not only a colonial perspective but an indigenous one as well. Vanessa also helps the youth host gatherings, projects and discussions around mental wellness and leadership. In her free time, Vanessa is often out on the land practicing her photography or spending time with her loved ones

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Maxime Crawford-Holland

Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) Project Manager

“I am passionate about empowering youth because they are the leaders with the ideas that drive us forward through this time of great change.”

As the Project Manager for the Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) project, Maxime represents a collective of youth-serving organizations and groups working together in the Yukon. The CBYF project uses a Collective Impact approach to target barriers youth face when graduating and transitioning out of high-school, and then build supports and solutions for Yukon youth. Maxime is originally from Toronto but feels more at home here in the Yukon. He has a background in Music Education and is passionate about building positive and meaningful relationships with youth. He also loves being outdoors and enjoying activities in every season. 

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