Green Office

Greening BYTE
As a progressive youth organization, we’re always trying to find new ways to be eco-friendly.

Travel & Work
We encourage our staff to opt for sustainable transport and have many cyclists, walkers and transit users. Although we use tele-conferencing and web-conferencing whenever possible, sometimes we need to travel outside the territory. If we do, we make sure to offset our flights.

Paper Products
All printing that is done is on post-consumer recycled paper, and we try to limit the paper we use. We print documents double-sided as much as possible and on paper that already has one side printed on.

Food and Drink
Most of us start our work day with a cup of coffee or tea. We try to ensure this daily routine is sustainable. At BYTE we choose to only use fairly-traded, organic coffee and teas. We have a kettle with an automatic shut-off to avoid the use of unnecessary electricity. If we must have catering for a meeting or conference, we order fair-trade, organic and locally-grown food as much as possible.

Electricity Consumption
In the office we never leave a light, computer, photocopier or other device running when not in use. As with most offices we rely on our computers for almost everything we do, so we made the conscious effort to switch monitors to LCD.

Office Equipment
Almost all of our furniture and equipment is second hand and we recycle our used computers.

Recycling / Composting
We collect our compost each week, and put it in either or in office vermi-compost or the city compost units. We recycle everything we can!