Ice Breakers



An ice breaker is an activity or game that is used to welcome and “break the ice” between participants and facilitators in a workshop. An effective ice breaker will warm up the conversation and ensure that participants remain engaged. Here an example of ice-breakers you can play with a group.


Move Your Butt is one of BYTE’s favourite ice-breakers. To play this game everyone must have a chair except the facilitator. All the chairs must be placed in a circle. Then the facilitator goes into the middle of the circle to explain the rules. In this game, the person in the middle tries to get a seat by calling out something about themselves that applies to other people in the group. For example, the facilitator might say “Move your butt if you are wearing a sweater.” In this case, everyone wearing a sweater must get out of their seat and try to run to another one. The only rule is that they can’t sit back down in their seat or the seat next it. This gives the person in the middle a chance to run towards a seat. Usually they find one and someone new is in the middle. This game can go on for as many rounds you want!

Ice Breakers