Canada Day Skate Comp

2016 Skate Comp PosterHuge shoutout to all who helped make the 2016 Annual Canada Day (but not actually on Canada Day) Skate Comp happen! Skate For Life Alliance hosted the event on July 2, 2016, with support from BYTE and tunes provided by SodaPony. Congratulations to Noah Hutchison, Braeden Dolan, and Lewis Bunce for claiming first place in the Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner categories, respectively, while Paddy Robinson landed a clean 360 free flip down the six-step to take home Best Trick. Many thanks to incredible community sponsors Boardstiff, Sandor’s, The Franchise, Big Bear Donair, Molotov and Bricks, Triple J’s Tattoos & Piercings for all their support and prizes. Hope to see y’all out next year!

Full Results
Lewis Bunce – 1st place
Kieran Mooney – 2nd place
Lucas Robinson & Declan Casey – tied 3rd place

Braeden Dolan – 1st place
Talon Dolan – 2nd place
Brenden Germain – 3rd place

Noah Hutchison – 1st place
Curtis Carlick – 2nd place
Max Melvin-McNutt – 3rd place