Use Your Voice

Broken Pencil
The centre of the independent zine scene worldwide. You can read reviews and articles, have discussions, and check out amazing art. Loudmouth, fiercely independent, nothing held back, made in Canada

Girls Action Foundation
A young women’s social justice and empowerment website with awesome strategies, tactics, and project ideas.

Entirely volunteer-run and maintained, IndyMedia started in Vancouver and is now worldwide. Regular people around the world report on hidden events on video and in writing… see the world the mass media doesn’t show you.. both good and bad.

Media Watch Youth
Break the stereotypes of the mass media! Get involved in media literacy and education. Join action campaigns or start your own. Get hip to the hype.

Shameless Magazine
A magazine for smart, strong, and sassy young women. It’s a great alternative to typical teen magazines, made in Canada. It talks straight about sex, identity, and women’s rights. It rocks!

YOUCAN: Peace builders
Creative and action-packed approaches to ending the root of violence in conflict: learn non-violent conflict resolution and violence prevention skills. Many great workshops to travel to.

Youth Action Net
Youth Action Net aims to provide a virtual space where young people can share information on how to lead effective change. Youth can access resources and tools to strengthen their work.