Join the BYTE Facilitation Team

Do you have a passion for youth issues? Do you want to help northern youth develop confidence, skills, openness and a healthy lifestyle? Are you between 18 and 29? Are you interested in going on tours throughout the Yukon, northern B.C. and Northwest Territories? BYTE’s facilitation team might just be for you. You can pick up an application and have a cup of tea with our Community Outreach Manager, Lindsey (, here at the BYTE office.

To join the facilitation team we need a clean criminal record check. You can get that through the RCMP. Once you have provided us with the application and the record check, you will have the opportunity to shadow a tour with us. That’s your opportunity to see how we deliver workshops, and ask any questions afterwards. Then, tada: you’re part of the BYTE facilitation team and will receive honorariums for your great work!

Read more about what it’s like to be a BYTE facilitator here.

BYTE Team Photo