Take Action

Amnesty International Canada: Be a Youth Activist
Planning, meeting, communication, action, and resources; these are the steps to become involved in youth activism in your community.

Apathy is Boring
Making democracy come alive through youth action in media, technology, and the arts.

Boys and Girls Club of Canada
Here’s a place to check out if you’re interested in applying for scholarships, or simply getting connected with other youth and getting your voice heard!

Check Your Head
A youth driven organization located in Vancouver that educates youth to take action around issues of globalization and social justice.

Headlines Theatre
A Vancouver based interactive theatre company that offers workshops and training around the world on issues such as youth empowerment, violence, and anti-racism.

Leave Out ViolencE (L.O.V.E.)Make Poverty History
Make Poverty History is a huge international movement of many different people who see poverty as a huge problem and want to help resolve it once and for all.

Me to We
Me to We is a new kind of social enterprise for people who want to help change the world with their daily choices. Through our media, socially responsible products and leadership experiences, Me to We supports Free The Children’s work with youth creating

Media Watch Youth
Break the stereotypes of the mass media! Get involved in media literacy and education. Join action campaigns or start your own. Get hip to the hype.

The Ruckus Society
These guys rock! Called ‘culture jamming’ the Ruckus Society stage massive street actions that get people thinking… and have fun doing it.

United Nations Youth
United Nations Youth is out to raise awareness of the global situation of youth and increase recognition of the rights and aspirations of youth. It goes international with forums, conferences, issues, writing, zines, and youth reality ’round the globe.

War Child
Canadian Youth get busy to make peace possible by supporting rebuilding projects in war-torn towns in Africa and the Middle East, helping kids just like themselves. Just Act! 2006: Canadian Youth for International Justice is this year’s conference.

Youth Activism
This site provides tools and resources for youth to participate in shaping their communities, businesses, and governments. It includes an intergenerational advocacy toolkit and other books and videos that highlight youth infusion in decision-making roles.

Youth Zone Cooperative Movement
This is something you won’t want to miss. Cooperative movements are becoming the wave of the future for jobs, education, music, culture and health. They need your involvement!

Yukon Volunteer Bureau
The Yukon Volunteer Bureau’s mission is to foster and promote volunteerism throughout the Yukon by providing easy access to resources, training, consultation, and support for individuals and organizations.

For Environmental Action see: Save Our Planet