This year we hosted the first-ever “Northern Youth Got Talent” competition, virtually on our Facebook page. We asked for media submissions from youth all across the North, in the Yukon, NWT, and Northern BC. We noticed a gap in our events after Battle of the Bands was postponed and put our heads together to come up with a way we could celebrate the talented youth across the North in a way that was virtual – and so, the Northern Youth Got Talent competition was born. 

When we first sat down to dream up what this could look like, we wanted our panel of judges to be experts from all fields, like carving, painting, dancing, music, etc. In the end we settled on three judges; Amie Charlie, who is Gwich’in and Kaska born in Inuvik, she is an advocate for youth and Indigenous rights. Jeremy Parkin is a music producer from the Kwanlin Dün First Nation in Whitehorse, he released his debut album in 2017 and is currently working on his debut album from his Hip Hop duo “LOCAL BOY” with Kelvin Smoler. Maya Rosenberg is a visual artist, born in Israel but now residing in Whitehorse, she teaches visual art workshops across the Territory. 

Once we had our judges and categories in mind for the competition, it was time to get the word out. Our social media audience and our community contacts were fantastic at helping us share this opportunity among their circles. We were fortunate enough to have the chance to be interviewed on CBC Radio twice to feature Northern Youth Got Talent. We were a bit nervous when the submission deadline was rapidly approaching and we had not received any submissions – but as usual we were comforted when all the submissions came flooding in during the last two days. We received some really fantastic submissions and thought we would share them with you.
Wynter, Nature Photography
Jhana, Singing
V, Celestia Ludenberg Cosplay Tutorial
Andrew, Painting
Maddy, Pastels and Sewing
Alexa, Singing
Jolie, Singing
We’d love to extend a massive thank you to everyone involved with this project; to our dedicated staff for your hard work, CBC Radio for helping us promote this event by radio, all of our judges, the participants, YG Health and Social Services for the funding, and of course our sponsors who donated some amazing prizes! Thank you to Shoppers Drug Mart for a gift basket, Unorthodox Yukon for a hoodie and Yukon Built cap, Arts Underground for the gift certificate and art supplies, Eke Ewe Designs for the pairs of earrings, Triple J’s Collective for the hoodie, CD and body care products, The Franchise for he hoodie and shirt, Icycle Sports for the hoodie, Coast Mountain for the jacket and bag, and The Indian Craft Shop for the dream catcher and granny scarf. Thank you to everyone who helped the first run of this event such a success! We look forward to doing this again in the future!