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youth collective


To work collaboratively to ensure all Yukon youth have a sense of belonging throughout the Territory. This means that they feel empowered, have a positive sense of self and their futures, have mutually caring and fulfilling relationships, and feel connected to and supported by their family, community, and land.

What we do

Territorial Youth Strategy

This TYS document is the result of what the TYS process has been working towards. Rather than being implemented through policy mandates, the TYS will serve as a guiding document for decision-makers at all levels and in all sectors. It will continue to exist as a living document in the years to come and will be revised based on conversations at Annual Accountability Forums. This will take place as a component of the annual Yukon Youth Summit.


Territorial Youth Strategy

Year 1 Priorities

Year 2 Priorities

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Mental Wellness & Land Stewardship

Access to Education & Employment

Basic Needs & Community Safety

Territorial Youth Collective

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