Over the past 22 years, BYTE has been working with young people to learn about their perspectives on a number of important topics from substance use and mental health to relationships and consent. We love working with youth and hearing all about their skills, strengths and resilience as they navigate their mental health, their relationships, being leaders in their community, worrying about climate change and more!

In light of COVID-19 and a temporary pause in our in-person work with youth, we’d like to share some ideas and activities to start some important conversations at home!

Healthy Minds: In this workshop we will explore all aspects of mental health and wellbeing. How mental health differs from physical health, how stress affects our minds and bodies, healthy coping mechanisms. In this workbook, you will learn about mindfulness, self-care practices, recognizing and expressing emotions, and building positive support networks for yourself.

Talking Healthy Minds @ Home

Healthy Relationships Part 1:  In part one of this workshop, we explore who is in our circle and what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like. You’ll be able to reflect on personal values and build self-esteem through a variety of activities that help prepare for challenges in various relationships. (Please note: this workbook is best for youth aged 11-14.) 

Healthy Relationships Part 2:  In part two of this workbook, we are going to look at understanding and communicating boundaries. We’ll take a look at some relationships scenarios and unpack whether they are healthy or unhealthy. You’ll be able to reflect on common relationship challenges and build confidence to tackle them in your own words. In this workbook, we talk openly about abuse and understand that this can be difficult and frightening. (Please note: This workbook is best for youth 13 and up.) 

Safer Partying:  This workbook focuses on harm reduction techniques by providing knowledge on substances, overdoses & standard drink sizes. You will be introduced to different scenarios to help build your own opinion and explore your values. In this workbook, you will create your own Safer Party Plan to keep yourself and others safe and accountable to your actions.

Consent:  This workbook focuses on the importance of understanding our personal boundaries, as well as the boundaries that others set for themselves. You will be introduced to different scenarios to help build your own opinion and explore your values. In this workbook, you will analyze your own boundaries, get a better understanding of what consent is and isn’t, practice asking for consent, and learn how to handle rejection.

Talking About Consent @ Home

If you’d like to request a hard copy of these workbooks, please contact us at info@nullyukonyouth.com and we’d be happy to send you one! We would also love to get your feedback on these workbooks.