Meet the 2022 Yukon Youth Panel on Climate Change!

Han Shier (they/them)

Hi everyone! I’m Han (they/them). I am a 4th year Geography student at UVic and was born and raised in Whitehorse. Growing up in the Yukon and spending a good deal of time outside doing various outdoor activities has given me an appreciation for an understanding of how special the land is here. Through my studies I have learned about the complexities of human and land relationships, the human and planet consequences of climate change, and the disproportionate effects on the North. I am excited to work with a group of passionate and engaged young people on this panel to continue to advocate for strong climate action. 

Keegan Newnham-Boyd (he/him)

As a new resident to the Yukon I am grateful for our pristine wilderness. Every human should be able to experience this beauty. This reality requires all of us to do our part. As someone who actively works to minimize my impact I believe this panel will allow me to inspire others to do the same.

Koltun Jim (he/him)

Koltun Jim (he/him) is a Champagne and Aishihik First Nations citizen and member of the Wolf Clan. Born in Whitehorse and raised in Haines Junction, he has seen many changes to the land in his lifetime. Koltun wants to see climate change taken more seriously in the Yukon so that we can create more eco-friendly communities for our next generations. He has done research on climate change solutions in other countries and wants to use his interest in computers and technology to create things like more solar power, wind power, and alternatives to single-use plastics in the Yukon. Koltun loves hunting and being on the land and is excited to represent Haines Junction on the Youth Panel, and looks forward to working with others and coming together from other communities on climate change.

Maddy Mead (they/them)

Hi! My name is Maddy (they/them) and I’m in grade 11 at F.H Collins Secondary School. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in the Yukon and I love to explore the outdoors.  The world is changing rapidly and I believe it’s crucial that youth take a leadership role in making sure the future is a sustainable one. I am passionate about bringing inclusivity into the climate change conversation, and making sure everybody’s voice is heard. I’m honoured to be apart of the Youth Panel on Climate Change and I’m excited to see what we will accomplish together.

“What humans do over the next 50 years will determine the fate of all life on the planet.” – David Attenborough.

Natilee Thompson (she/her)

Hi my name is Natilee and I’m 12 years old my pronouns are she/her. I am a young indigenous woman and I love music. I am a figure skater and I am learning to play the piano. I’ve been traditionally singing and dancing since I was two years old, and dancing and singing are just one of my main passions. I love outdoors and camping and just being on the land another hobby I like is driving. Well I am interested in being in the youth panel because I like to learn new things and I care about the environment and the community I live in. The environment is everyone’s responsibility. I am representing my community Kwanlin Dun First Nation and Teslin Tlingit Council where my family is originally from.

Paul Caesar-Jules (he/him) 

My name is Paul Caesar-Jules, I am part of the Mountain People, I am Wolf Clan, and I was born and raised in Upper Liard. 

I completed my Language revitalization certificate at the Yukon Native Language Centre in May 2021.

Iʼve been working for Gūzagī Kǫa, the Liard First Nation Language Department, for almost four years. In my work, I digitized many cassette tapes of recordings of our Elders. There are many stories that our Elders passed down from our ancestors. I am passionate about language learning and love to play hand games. 

I am worried about the increasing climate change. I want to learn more about the environment as things start to change over time. Being a part of the panel I want to see where this takes off in the future as global warming is getting worse. Growing up with my grandparents, my grandma said that the land is very much alive and we need to respect Mother Nature.

Preet Dhillon (she/her)

Preet’s grandparents immigrated to the Yukon Territory in the late 1960s from the Indian state of Punjab, and her family has lived in Whitehorse since. She is very grateful about this decision as living in the vast and beautiful wilderness of the Yukon has largely contributed to her passion for the outdoors and the natural world. She is currently studying Environmental Studies and Geography at Queen’s University in Kingston and has attended secondary school in Victoria, BC. Preet has been involved with different Yukon ENGOs such as Canadian Parks and Wildlife Society, Yukon Conservation Society and Yukon Fish and Game Association. She is excited to be a part of the panel so she can learn more on the ways climate change impacts northern communities and engage with like- minded individuals passionate about environmental issues. She enjoys hiking, paddling, cooking, learning guitar and eating granola on a mountain top while looking over at a spectacular view. 

Sasha Emery (she/her)

Sasha Emery (she/her) is 19 years old and is a francophone youth from Whitehorse. She is currently completing a BA in Environmental Studies at the University of Ottawa with the goal of learning more about how social justice issues are interconnected with climate change. She is interested in the disproportionate changes affecting the Northern climate and in how the UN’S Sustainable Development Goals can be implemented in policies to achieve equity, education, and a cleaner environment. By joining the Yukon Youth Panel on Climate Change, she hopes to work in partnership with other young leaders, MLAs, and community members to make a long-lasting positive impact on her territory. She also aspires to help harness green and efficient solutions for the present and future generations of Yukoners.

Toshibaa Govindaraj (she/her)

Toshibaa Govindaraj (she/her) is 21 years old and studies biology at the University of Victoria. After living in the Oman and Toronto, Toshibaa moved to the Yukon at nine years old. She loves hiking, trail running, mountain biking, and most things that involve being outside. Toshibaa believes that although the Yukon has made progress in developing climate change policies and targets, the territory is still able to do more to implement and help those being disproportionately affected by climate change. Toshibaa is excited to be part of the conversation and to bring her studies and work experience together for this role. She is a proud member of the Tamil and the women in STEM communities.

Tyra Gill (she/her)

My name is Tyra Gill, my pronouns are she/her. I am nineteen years old from Pelly Crossing and I am part of the Selkirk First Nation people. For years I’ve been drawn to learning more about climate change and how it affects the planet and everything living. The more I learn the more passionate I am about it, I’ve always believe it to be important to spread awareness about what we are doing to our planet and ways to find a solution. I hope to learn from everyone on the panel and that they can learn something from me.