Our Workshops

Our facilitation team is available for workshop bookings, however please note that we are often booking 4-12 weeks in advance. Our facilitators are professionally trained, socially engaged youth who strive to create safe, supportive spaces for all workshop participants.

All of our experiential workshops incorporate ice breakers, energizers, reflections, and debriefs and are geared towards youth ages 12-18.

We are in the process of revising our workshops as we strive to continue to stay relevant by providing accurate and appropriate content for Yukon youth. We are taking a serious look at the workshops we bring into youth settings and make sure that our facilitators are well equipped to guide these conversations by consulting with experts in the community as well as youth advisors. 

As such, we will not be charging facilitation fees for the workshops that we are in the process of updating. We have indicated below which workshops will temporarily not carry facilitation fees.  Please note that during this review period, we will still charge some administrative costs for our workshops. For a full breakdown of the costs associated with our workshops, please see our pricing page

For a quote to deliver workshops in your community, email communitytours@nullyukonyouth.com or call the office at (867) 667-7975.

 Healthy Minds (1-2 hours)

Facilitation Fee applies

In this workshop, participants explore their perceptions about what mental wellbeing is and the factors that can impact it.  We explore the idea that, just like our physical wellbeing, we all experience varying levels of mental wellbeing depending on what is going on in our lives, as well as strategies for improving and maintaining our mental wellbeing.

Healthy Relationships / Healthy Boundaries / Healthy Breakups (1-2 hours)

No Facilitation Fee

In this workshop, participants explore strategies for identifying and navigating challenging relationships, positive communication, and personal preferences in relationships. We also discuss resources to support peers in abusive relationships.

We are now offering two extensions of our Healthy Relationships workshop: Healthy Boundaries and Healthy Breakups. 

In Healthy Breakups, participants practice skills for how to have healthy fights, healing after a breakup, and navigating post-relationship dynamics. It also explores what we can learn from past relationships about what we want and need from our partner(s).

In Healthy Boundaries, participants reflect on their needs and limits and practice setting and communicating boundaries. It also aims to help participants understand that everyone has different boundaries.

Exploring Consent (1-2 hours)

No Facilitation Fee

This workshop explores consent beyond the “no means no” conversation through discussions about bodily autonomy, boundaries. It also encourages participants to reflect on their own needs and preferences and how to respect those of others.

Safer Substance Use (1-2 hours)

Facilitation Fee applies

Youth encounter substance use on a regular basis, either directly or indirectly. This workshop takes a harm-reduction approach to exploring substance use, how to use substances responsibly, and evaluate participants own perceptions and misconceptions about substances.

 Leadership (1-2 hours)

Facilitation Fee applies

In this workshop, participants explore leadership styles, what kind of leader they are and wish to grow to be, and ways that they can be leaders in their own life right now.

Power to Prevent (1-2 hours)

No Facilitation Fee

This workshop explores bullying and cyberbullying. It is all about staying safe(r) in online spaces, especially on social media. We tackle topics like cyberbullying, online scams, catfishing, and online dating. We explore the power we all have to prevent bullying. 

 Equity & Allyship (1-2 hours)

Facilitation Fee applies

Based on personal inquiry and group activities, this challenging workshop seeks to probe stereotypes and biases in order to introduce the concepts of privilege, prejudice, discrimination, and oppression. We will examine stereotypes we have encountered and the biases that each of us hold. Then, we will use collaborative discussion and activities to explore how discrimination and oppression relate to these biases. Once these concepts are established, we will begin to explore the idea of privilege–how different identities that each of us hold either grant or deny us privilege in certain contexts. 

From this point of shared understanding, we seek to explore the practice of Allyship with marginalized communities in the context of discrimination and oppression. We will use everyday examples participants are likely to encounter as a starting point to collaboratively discuss what it means to act in Allyship in different contexts. 

Please note that this can be a challenging experience and participants may choose not to take part in some activities. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable learning about difference and new ways of working towards solidarity and justice. This workshop is intended to introduce key ideas around equity and allyship, and act as a starting point for further research and exploration. 

From First Job to Dream Job (1-2 hours)

No Facilitation Fee

Finding your first job can be tough. Finding a job that lets you develop your strengths and reach your true potential can sometimes seem impossible. This workshop aims to empower youth in their employment journey with tools for resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and general career path support.

Right to be Heard (1-2 hours)

No Facilitation Fee

Youth have the right to be heard, the right to participate and the right to share opinions. This workshop explores the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), and specifically the Right to Be Heard and the importance of participating in your community. We explore ways that youth can become effective advocates for themselves and their communities. 

Train the Trainer (2 days, 6 hours/day)

This workshop is designed for youth and adult staff who will be delivering or developing programming for youth. Over the course of two days, we explore basic facilitation skills, how to create safer spaces for youth, and workshop activity development strategies. We also discuss how to understand and de-escalate challenging participant behaviours in workshops. Finally, we demonstrate the delivery of a typical BYTE workshop, walking participants through the theory behind each of our activities and approaches.