The following chart outlines the costs associated with hiring BYTE to deliver workshops in your community. While these are our standard fees, we never want finances to be a barrier to accessing our workshops. We can be flexible with our pricing to work within your budget – just let us know what your needs are!

ChargeCostWhy Do We Charge This?
Pre-development Fee$50 per workshop

Every community has unique needs and each workshop we deliver is tailored to meet them.

The Pre-Development Fee covers some of the BYTE staff time spent to ensure that our workshop content is as good as it can possibly be for your circumstances. 

Facilitation Fee$195 per facilitator per day

Our youth facilitators are professionally trained, socially engaged youth who strive to create safe, supportive spaces for all workshop participants. The Facilitation Fee covers the cost of their time to deliver the workshop and youth facilitation expertise!

This fee is a daily rate, so it will remain the same whether we deliver one workshop or 3 in a day. 

Per Diems$85 per facilitator per day 

Per Diems are allowances for facilitators to cover the costs of their meals while they are travelling. Our suggested breakdown for facilitators is: 

  • $20  for breakfast 
  • $30 for lunch
  • $35 for dinner 

If food will be provided to facilitators at the workshop venue or during any part of their stay, we will not include charges for that period.

Travel$0.62 per kilometre driven OR rental cost OR cost of flights 

To travel to your community in our company vehicle, we charge $0.62 per kilometre from Whitehorse to cover the cost of fuel as well as some of our vehicle maintenance costs (oil changes, tire changeovers, general repairs, etc.). 

*at this time we do not have a vehicle and prices will vary with rental costs.

Accommodation Cost of accommodation in your community (roughly $180-$200 per night per facilitator)

If facilitators are travelling to your community for multiple days, they will stay in a hotel/motel/short term rental unit. For privacy, each facilitator stays in a separate room.

The Accommodation fee covers the cost of the hotel/motel rooms for facilitators. If alternative accommodations will be provided to facilitators, we will not include charges for accommodations. 

Supplies $50 per workshop 

Since our workshops are experiential and very interactive, there are elements that we need to re-purchase for each delivery.

Supplies can include: prizes, participation incentives, and other items that support our content delivery. 

Admin Fee 12% of the quote subtotal 

The Admin Fee covers a small portion of BYTE’s overhead expenses.

This includes costs such as our rent, printing, internet, phone, etc.