Whitehorse-Saskatoon Exchange 2018

BYTE has a new program to offer this year!

BYTE is partnering with Canadian Roots Exchange to offer two five-day exchange phases exploring reconciliation, decolonization and building solidarity with Indigenous peoples. Our Whitehorse team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people includes three leaders and twelve high school-aged youth (14 to 17 years). From March 21-27, 2018, our team travelled to Saskatoon and was hosted by the Canadian Roots team, and from May 17-23, 2018 we will be hosting the Saskatoon team in Whitehorse. This exchange includes land-based activities, community engagement, volunteering with local organizations and of course lots of fun! Youth are expected to help out in fundraising initiatives as all activities, travel and accommodation will be covered.

If you are interested in learning more about the program and how you can help support this initiative, please contact Zoé Bordeleau-Cass at zoe@nullyukonyouth.com