Youth Empowering Youth: Skills for Youth in Mental and Sexual Health is one of BYTE’s newest programs. Piloted in August 2017, with support from the Mental Wellness Strategy’s Innovation Fund, Youth Empowering Youth is a 12 hour intensive workshop for youth aged 13-18 years old in partnership with Blood Ties Four Directions. The two day workshop focuses on how physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness are related to our relationships with ourselves and others.

On day one, we concentrate on ourselves – through brainstorming and self-reflection we ask youth to identify how they experience their own wellness and health. We discuss good stress and bad stress, and explore new tools for dealing with life events and building on our self care. On day two, we focus on our relationships with others including friends, family, partners and community as well as our relationship to substances. We brainstorm available resources in the community, learn about different types of contraception and create safer party plans. The goal of this two day workshop is to not only look at how all aspects of health are related but also to learn new tools and skills from each other in order to make the best and most informed choices for ourselves.

Medicine wheel describing workshopSince piloting the project in August 2017, we have been able to visit 4 communities in Yukon and Northern BC with the workshop and have received great reviews. Here is what youth in the communities had to say:

The most valuable thing I learnt today was to be healthy and to love yourself.” – 18 year old

I want to learn more about abusive relationships.” – 16 years old

“I like how we weren’t forced to do some of the games if we felt uncomfortable.” 13 years old

“My favourite part of the workshop was the consent stuff and the games!” – 15 years old

“BYTE educates youth on how to be safe in certain subjects.” – 14 years old

One skill I learned today that I will use outside the workshop is ask questions before sex.” – 14 years old


For more information about this workshop please contact one of our Community Outreach Coordinators
at or by calling our office at (867)667-7975