BYTE delivers fun, engaging, interactive workshops to youth on a wide variety of topics. Our trained facilitators guide youth to tackle everything from healthy relationships to climate change in a way that incorporates experiential learning, discussions, and games.

Our workshops:
  • Ending bullying
  • Healthy relationships
  • Leadership
  • Safer Partying
  • Right to be heard
  • Exploring equality
  • From First Job to Dream Job
  • Examining media stereotypes
  • This Is Our Land
  • Healthy Minds
  • Digital Citizenship

Find details and descriptions about our workshops here.

If you would like to hire BYTE to deliver a workshop, contact or 667-7975.


Projects and Programs:


We have also been lucky to receive funding to deliver special multi-day programming. Some of these projects include:

We hope to acquire more funding to continue these developing and delivering special programs and projects like these ones in the future!