Graphic designer Felicia Bailey-Cashin has been working hard to make BYTE University an up-to-date resource.

Ask a BYTE staff what they do for their job, and they’ll probably say something like “deliver workshops to youth around the Yukon,” or “facilitate workshops to groups of youth.”


But what does that really mean?


Now you can find out! BYTE University is a resource we’ve been using to train our staff and facilitation team since 2008. It spells out what facilitation is, how to facilitate effectively, and what it means to design a workshop for a youth audience.


Until this week, BYTE University existed only as a paper ‘zine built by Erin Corbett in 2008. We have nothing against ‘zines, of course, but lately we’ve been wishing that BYTE University was in a more…up-to-date form.


Thanks to the hard work of graphic designer Felicia Bailey-Cashin and the support of the Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research, BYTE University is now online. Youth workers throughout the Yukon, Canada, and the world, can now easily access BYTE’s handy how-to guide for facilitation.


BYTE University covers a variety of topics relevant to those hoping to do youth work or group facilitation. Drawing on a variety of resources, as well as in-office expertise, BYTE University offers tips on communication methods, working with co-facilitators, handling conflict within groups, and facilitating within various group dynamics. The resource also points to BYTE’s techniques on designing a workshop and highlights the importance of icebreakers, debriefing, and taking breaks.


Our graphic designer, Felicia, has been working hard on this project for the past four months. Felicia is a recent graduate from the Yukon College,  Little Salmon Carmacks First Nations, and a huge asset to the BYTE team. She’s been working hard to turn BYTE University from a ‘zine into a readable online format. In addition to making the contents of BYTE U available online, Felicia has also designed a pdf that people can download, print off, and use for their own trainings. You can access the pdf here.


For Felicia, the BYTE University project was an opportunity to hone her skills as a graphic designer.


“It’s been amazing being involved with BYTE for the past few months and being able to get the experience that I was hoping to get after graduating from the Multi-Media Communications program at the Yukon College,” says Felicia. “I’m proud of my work and I’m looking forward to hearing people’s reactions to what I’ve done for this organization.”


BYTE’s Executive Director, Chris Rider, hopes that this resource helps readers learn more about what BYTE does and helps youth facilitators across Canada’s north improve their skills.


“Youth facilitation is one of the key platforms of our work and we’re proud of the quality of the workshops we deliver,” says Chris. “Facilitation is a skill that we feel passionate about as an organization, and we’re excited to be able to share with other youth workers and facilitators. We hope that it will be useful for others who are facilitating in their own communities.”


BYTE University made its debut at a Facilitation Training session this past Monday night. BYTE hosts Facilitation Training sessions periodically to offer skills and experience to our facilitation team, and our online resource now allows attendees to continue learning facilitation techniques long after the training session is over.


You can access BYTE University online here, or under the resources section of our website. If you are interested in hiring Felicia as a freelance graphic designer, contact her at .