Podcasts have been around to some extent since the beginning of time (or the beginning of the Internet, but like, same thing), admittedly not quite at the same level as today’s offerings. The humble podcast of the early 2000’s has evolved into a horse of an entirely different colour and we’ve got a few favourites here at the BYTE office! If you’re not already on the podcast bandwagon, here’s your chance to get your hands dirty with some of the best.

Shelby’s picks:

This American Life

I think This American Life is recommended by pretty much everyone who listens to podcasts but I’m pretty new to it and I love it! From episodes about magicians to this episode featuring stories from people who need a grown-up (spoiler alert: everyone needs a grown-up…even ‘grown-ups’) I always find a really great mix of human stories and weird history over at This American Life.

Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote As Kids

This podcast is exactly what it says it is: grown people reading the things they wrote as kids. From classic diary entries to short stories written for school to letters written home from camp – “it’s weird, it’s wonderful, and it can help us understand who we are today.” BYTE was lucky enough to be part of a taping of the show when they visited Whitehorse last July and it was a blast! If you want to hear some familiar voices check out the Whitehorse episode here.

The Android

The Android is so cute! It’s a sci-fi podcast written and performed by eight-year old Charles Siskind (with a bit of help from some friends). It’s only three short episodes but it has own original score, sound effects and much more! Give it a shot, I promise it won’t disappoint you.

Emily’s picks:

Voicemail Poems

Their slogan is ‘missed calls you need to hear’, and it’s so true. Spoken word poetry, read by the poets themselves through a short voicemail adding intimacy to the piece. The hosts of the podcasts will often dissect the poems a bit after the poet has hung up, which is informative and interesting. Often the poets are young writers, and you get to hear fresh new voices.


I’m a Communications major, so I find what’s happening in the media endlessly fascinating, and Canadaland is a great podcast if you do too. It looks at popular news stories (often political), provides a healthy serving of media criticism and brings on top notch guests.

Zoe’s picks: 

Another Round with Heben and Tracy 

 I’ve caught myself literally laughing out loud listening to Heben & Tracy. They so effortlessly talk in an engaging way about the realities of race in America and intersectional feminism dotted with lots of humour. I love that their shows offer lots of amazing guest interviews alongside hilarious stories/tangents.

Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote as Kids

 I attended the Halifax and Whitehorse live shows and both times had SO much fun. I experienced such intense nostalgia because of this podcast that I immediately called up my mom to dig up my old journals!

Broken Boxes

 A new find but I’m already hooked! This show really gets into the mind of artists who are doing ground-shaking, system-busting activist-focused pieces in their communities across Turtle Island. Love feeling like you’re sitting down in the same room with some super woke artists doing phenomenal work.