Earlier this summer, we launched the BYTE Leadership Fund and granted our first youth leader, Nathan Muir-Cressman, an award of four hundred dollars towards attending the Training for Trainers aquafitness conference with the Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance (CALA) in August.

Nathan is passionate about helping children learn to swim and about the health and well-being of his community. “When it comes to my community, I am passionate about the health and well-being of its members, no matter what their age,” Nathan says. This passion led him to a job life guarding at the Canada Games Centre, where he was introduced to aquafitness; “I love teaching aquafitness at the Canada Games Centre to do my part to help rehabilitate.”

We caught up with Nathan for an interview after his Training for Trainers conference to learn more about the aquafitness scene and to hear about his experience.

BYTE: Could you tell us about the training and the work that CALA does?

NMC: The training was focused around creating a successful course and becoming more efficient in facilitating conferences and how to properly present information in a sequential form that will be easiest for new teachers to understand when entering the class. CALA works to help not only keep people fit who may have difficulty with joint and impact issues but also applies anatomy and the concept of holism to provide participants not only a healthy fitness experience but a learning experience as well. The company is centered around aquafit, aquayoga, aqua kickbox, rehabilitation to water and other classes.

BYTE: How has the training helped with your leadership skills?

NMC: I gained a new sense of leadership through the eyes of of a facilitator. This conference has permitted me to now co-teach classes and eventually lead workshops and training with the Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance.

BYTE: How has the training helped you pursue your passions?

NMC: It has helped me pursue my passion for educational growth in the fitness industry and with the help of CALA, I will be able to become a more efficient leader and instructor.

BYTE: How will you use the training moving forward and in your community?

NMC: I am so thankful that BYTE was able to present me with this opportunity and I will be able to apply this knowledge to aid Whitehorse and its citizens with their aquatic exercise.

The BYTE Leadership Fund’s goal is to connect youth aged 14-25 to experiences and resources to help develop their passions, gifts and identity. Interested youth can apply anytime up until March 31, 2019. For more information and to apply please check out our website and the full application form here.