By Carly Sayers

Youth are going through changes and phases, and we need to try and understand how they feel, their needs and feelings. They have voices that need to be heard, and are looking up to us to lead them into a better, happier future. The youth have a choice for the future they want – they can get more education and jobs. They are hard workers with bright minds. They deserve equality and fairness in life. They go through relationships and concern for the land of their native tribe. The equality defines them as people, and we are here as BYTE to bring them safe games and teach them healthy lifestyles and happy relationships with their partners.

We teach them what it means to be healthy and how important their dreams and visions are. Communication is important to youth so everyone can fit in with each other to end bullying and stop violence. That is why we need youth voices as well and not always just ours. We do speak for them but they need to speak for each other about different lifestyles they are living. Living in the North is hard for a teen, growing up where drinking is involved and racism happens. They do not get the share that adults do. They drink and do drugs to cope with their own feelings when they feel neglected, bullied, or discriminated against. There are not a lot of jobs in the North where teens can work. They need their own safe haven from drama.

This is why I want to work with youth – I had the same feelings a lot of times. I understand why they need to feel important and accepted into the community as equal people. So we need to step in and help with the youth, telling them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and guiding them into a better lifestyle and brighter future. The youth need to be led into a better future so they have ideas and potential that are not wasted or go unnoticed. The right path needs to be chosen as youth, and we can lead them on that path. That is the main reason why I decided to work with youth – to cheer them on and make them feel like they’re their are own leaders and role models to others who feel like they don’t have the potential to go on. They do and we want to recognize that light they have.


Carly is BYTE’s intern for the fall! She is currently studying at Yukon College and hopes to become a youth worker! We sat down with Carly to get to know her better!

carlys-pictureBYTE: Where are you from?

Carly: I’m from Aklavik, NWT. It’s where I lived my whole life. Now I’m studying in Whitehorse at Yukon College!

BYTE: Why are you passionate about working with youth?

Carly: I am passionate about youth work to empower their lives and lead them into healthier lifestyles!

BYTE: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Carly: My favourite hobbies are drawing and editing and going to school for future education. I can also tell funny jokes and make people smile, but I can be awkward and watch a bunch of funny anime vines too!