By Scott Carlson


BYTE is extremely excited to release a new anti-bullying PSA created by an exceptional group of Yukon youth–check it out!



The group of amazing young leaders created the film within a workshop series run by BYTE entitled: MOVE! Youth Helping Youth End Violence. The intensive 5-week series focussed on building youth’s understanding, skills and confidence to address violence amongst their peers in all of its forms. MOVE! was initiated by the Yukon Women’s Directorate as a part of their Am I The Solution? campaign to end violence against women and girls.


The film was entirely conceived and filmed by 5 participants between the ages of 15 and 17: Paige Savard, Sam Lee, Hajar Fellah, Marie-Willow Secord and Keifer Sterriah.


This film was part of a broader training participants received in multimedia including video production, photography and critical media literacy, among other things. The inspiring youth leaders who participated all worked on finding ways to apply their own unique set of skills and interests, from film to music to art, to help prevent violence, and have now taken their skills and understanding with them into their communities. We very much look forward to seeing what these leaders will continue to create!


The MOVE! workshop series was initially developed by the Women’s Directorate, who have now partnered with BYTE to run the series. After this successful run, BYTE is hoping to run another series in spring of 2013–stay tuned!