Chris preparing for the next day’s workshop. We loved staying at the Arctic Divide with plenty of friendly dogs as well as humans.

Last week, BYTE took a trip to Dease Lake to facilitate our MOVE! program with a group of young women from the high school. This is the first time we’ve travelled to Dease Lake and it is the farthest south we have ever worked. We loved our time there. We were so impressed by the sense of community and how many community members were making great efforts to support the youth. The reception we received from the youth was excellent – in our first 10 minutes in the school, multiple students came up to meet us and welcome us to Dease Lake!

We had a great time with the group, playing games, laughing, sharing meals, and discussing topics that affect the lives of Northern youth. We talked a lot about self-love as a foundation for positive community involvement. Chris and I appreciated the courage it took for the participants to show up and share their stories, and we both learned a lot from the students that week.

Exploring in Dease Lake! What’s with the funny expression, Chris??

Some of our favourite parts of the trip outside of the workshops were playing soccer, volleyball and basketball in the evenings. Chris impressed everyone with his basketball skills and Lindsey impressed everyone with enough enthusiasm to make up for a complete lack of skill. We also checked out the craft fair, helped decorate some Christmas trees for the community Christmas party, and watched one of the students play hockey at the rink.

On the drive home, we drove into the sunset for almost half of the 8-hour trip. Gotta love the North. The trip took a bit longer than expected because Chris wanted to stop and take a picture every 10 minutes. Even though it was -30˚C. But as you can see below, the photos were worth it. #doitforthegram

Thanks so much for such the warm welcome, laughs, and fun memories, Dease Lake! We hope to be back for another visit sometime soon!

Just outside Good Hope Lake, BC #doitforthegram


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