The only constant in life is change and the BYTE office sure has been changing it up and preparing for more these past three weeks with one staff on maternity leave, another departing in June, and yet another transitioning to being a full-time counselor. Part of these bittersweet exclamations of bon voyage is also a fresh opportunity to say welcome to new blood.

On that note, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Asad (pronounced Uh·sud) Chishti (pronounced very carefully) and I’m filling in as the Community Outreach Manager this next year. Additionally, Sarina has begun as Community Outreach Coordinator, we’re piloting a joint-position with TakingITGlobal for Abbey our new Program Assistant and we’ve also had a new summer student, Sam, start here as a web-developer/all-things-tech-or-IT. An updated office roster may be found at the about page.

Given all of this, our first week together (already two weeks ago now!) was dedicated entirely to training. We began by contributing to a Community Agreement, an important part of our workshop programming, to set the stage and tone for what we hope to offer and receive from all participants. A warm-up icebreaker followed and we discussed our specific but overlapping roles here at the headquarters.  

Hana and Tayo both having been at BYTE for two years shared some surprising stories from their early days and community tours, after which we welcomed Ian Parker from the Health Promotion Unit to share some reports from their Health Related Behaviours of Yukon Youth.

I’m striving in this first blog post of mine to you to not be too dry, so I’m leaving out the details about HR policies, office culture and more. Maybe in another riveting blog post after a few more full moons in this position perhaps. It was, all in all, a very thoughtful and excellent week of training and start getting to know the people at BYTE, as well as some of the organizations we work with (and/or are part of this ecosystem) during our scavenger hunt. An after hours bonus was a special event featuring Loita Maasai, all the way from Tanzania.

One of my favourite parts of training week was the generous amount of time and space we shared with Elder Shirley Adamson and Doronn Fox. It was so much a highlight that I will save writing about it for another time.

ps. Our
BYTE Annual General Meeting is on June 10th, hope to see you there!



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