A core value of BYTE is transparency. Therefore, we have set up this page to provide access to important information about the organization.


BYTE is a Registered Charity and therefore, detailed information about BYTE’s finances are available via the Canadian Revenue Agencies website. The following image will take you to the full report:

Revenue / Expenses 2016/17:

pie chart of revenues and expenses


Financial Reviews

Each year, BDO Canada performs a detailed review of BYTE’s financial reporting. You can view these reports here: 2016-17 Reviewed Financials 2015-16 Reviewed Financials  2014-15 Reviewed Financials 2013-14 Reviewed Financials 2012-13 Reviewed Financials 2011-12 Reviewed Financials

Policies and Procedures

BYTE’s full Policy & Procedure Manual can be found here: BYTE Policies & Procedures Manual May 2015


BYTE has recently produced a new set of by-laws, and these have been finalized through a vote at the General Meeting on Jan. 18, 2016. You can take a look at those by-laws here.